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Distributor Oiler

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  • Engine: Distributor Oiler

    I have a 1961 Delco Distributor in a 1961 Hawk. I oil the little fill tube every Spring and again around this time in the Fall, after hopefully a nice 1,000 summer miles. I also oil the generator fill tubes. I noticed the generator fill tubes will allow the five drops of oil to "disappear" but the Delco Distributor seems to hold the oil. I look several days later and the oil is gone, so I assume it is getting where it belongs.

    When I did it today I just thought I'd it normal for the oil to S-L-O-W-L-Y go down that tube or should it disappear like the generator? Maybe I should blow some air down there? It's always been this way...but you know the older you get the more you think... Thanks. Jim Glass

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    The distributor oil tube has a wick in it to allow the oil to gradually lube the bushing rather than just dumping oil on the bushing which will be thrown off in short order. The front bearing on the generator is a ball bearing which doesn't need constant oiling like a phosphor bronze bushing so the oil just disappears down the hole. The rear bushing on the generator also has an oil wick in it to keep a constant oil supply on it. Bud


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      Thanks a lot for the explanation. Now if someone asks me I'll just pretend I knew that stuff.... No really thanks..


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        You're welcome. Bud