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Prestolite cap

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  • Ignition: Prestolite cap

    Can I use a Mopar v-8 dist. cap on a Prestolite dist on a '62 Stude 289? Thanks -Jim

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    That depends on whether you're talking about a Chrysler distributor or the dual point Prestolite distributor used on the high performance engines such as the 413, 426 Hemi, 440 and the high performance 273. The cap meant for the Chrysler distributors may look like the correct cap, but they aren't. The correct part number for the Prestolite cap is a NAPA AL124 or Standard Motor Parts AL140. Bud


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      What is the difference? I just need a junk cap that will fit the Prestolite dist. that I can cut a hole in to check the alignment of the rotor to the plug wire. Sorry I didn't give this info. in the first post.- Jim


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        The Lock Clip locations are the wrong height, and the "Clocking" Notch is missing. Yes it probably will fit on for testing but hard to keep in place.

        A MUCH better method is to always stop the engine closest to the "UDC" or "IGN" Mark on the Vibration Damper and the Rotor straight forward, both valves closed, number one piston at TDC when stabbing the Dist.

        To wire the Cap, it is even easier, just mark the Dist. Case where #1 is, remove the Cap align the Rotor to the mark, and go around COUNTER-Clockwise following the Firing Order on the Intake Manifold.

        To be "correct" Number ONE should always be the Plug Wire & Term. STRAIGHT Forward.

        Since you will be Timing your engine later with a Timing light, matching the Rotor EXACTLY to within one or two degrees is not necessary, close is fine.
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