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  • Electrical: Horn Contact Plate Removal

    Help please!

    Can the horn contact plate and retainer/cancel cam on the on the back of a steering wheel (see pic) from a 1964 Lark type be removed and reused on another wheel that does not have the contact plate or retainer?

    These show in the parts book as pieces separate from the steering wheel -- but they seem to be permanently attached to the steering wheel --

    I don't see any way to get them off without damaging the wheel or parts -- but maybe there is a trick to this?

    I can get a new wheel which does not have the contact plate and retainer/cancel cam so what I want to do is take them off of the old wheel and put them on a new wheel --


    Bill Jackameit
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    The canceling spring comes off pretty easily. I've used a medium screwdriver and slowly pried it up. be sure to mark wher the "arm" is on the wheel. otherwise, the turn signals will not cancel correctly.

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