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  • Electrical: 62-63 radio

    Hello All, about to reinstall a 62/63 origanal radio just a couple of questions someone may be able to help Me with,1,what ohm speaker do i need,,2 do i need to ground the speaker wire ,or can i just run it straight to speaker,,, thanks In advance for you help Ray

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    The radio case itself should be grounded. The speaker is not grounded. Should have two wires (- & +) that feed directly into the radio itself. Polarity matters on the wiring. Then B+ line from radio is also fused (3 amps) I believe.
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      You need a 10 ohm speaker. In a pinch, an 8 ohm will work, but it will put quite a load on the output transistor. One of the output wires from the radio is a ground to the speaker, and one is a output wire. The third wire is the power to a fused switched B+. Do not ground the speaker to any of the terminals.
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        The radios are different from 62 to 63, but both will fit into the opening in the dash.

        Do you know the AC - number of the radio? It's on a paper tag on the case.
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          Click image for larger version

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ID:	1716225Hi Roy, its AC3216, thanks for your Replys all,
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            The 3216 is the correct radio for 1962 cars. I needs at least an 8 ohm speaker to keep the output transistor from drawing excessive current, overheating and failing. The 3216 radio has a shorting bar on the speaker connector close to the output transformer. Without the correct plug the speaker will be shorted out and will not work as the plug pushes the shorting bar away from the ground connection. The shorting bar can be bent out of the way if necessary for the radio to work. Bud