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Carter Fuel Pump Rebuild

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  • Fuel System: Carter Fuel Pump Rebuild

    Question: Is there a fuel pump rebuild primer? (My Airtex has died.)

    If not, my specific questions are: (I bought and have on hand a couple of rebuild kits from Dave Thibault)(Carter Pump)
    (1) How do you remove and reinstall the valves? there appears to be a four hole cap, presume conical spring, rubber washer and brass rivet. Presume I tap out the old rivet with a punch, then tap in the new rivet (press fit?). Peen necessary? (I don't see a peen on the old one.)
    (2) Is gasket sealer needed?
    (3) Which way does the gasket with the asymmetrical hole go? I presume the closed side is toward the in so it doesn't pump towards the tank.
    (4) Its clean. Is there anything to make the exterior pretty?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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    Here's a page that was posted previously. You might find it useful.

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      Thank you - That pump is pretty close to the one I've got (we've got) but only two valves.


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        If it is a Carter and has not been rebuilt before it should have the Carter 'mushroom' valve retainers. Just tap these out on the backside with a small drift. You can reuse these if they fit tight, or use the brass rivets that come in the kit - I've done both with no issues. I always peen them.

        Don't use gasket sealer. There is a proper way to tighten the diaphragm according to Then and Now Automotive who makes most of these kits. The diaphragm needs to be under tension while you are tightening the body screws.

        The easiest way to determine the position of the asymmetrical gasket is to "follow the flow of gas thru the pump". You can also look at the rebuild procedure in the Stude Shop Manual.

        I usually clean the parts really good, tape off the internal portion, and bead blast the exterior, then coat with a good engine paint clear.
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          Your first Post does not make it clear that you are rebuilding a real Carter Pump with the Metal or Glass Filter Bowl on the bottom, and not an AC Design, Airtex sold under many names: Master, NAPA, Carter, Airtex etc, etc.

          The "KITS" are only for Carter Pumps.
          Second Generation Stude Driver,
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            Yes, real original Carter pumps, with glass and ceramic filter or metal and paper filter on bottom. I am not rebuilding the airtex - yet. (Should I? - I have some Carter pumps - I was lazy when I installed the airtex.) I took apart three Carters and have two rebuild kits to make a spare.


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              Just a quick thank you to all for the advice. Car is on the road again.

              The video supplied is excellent.

              No gasket stuff is needed for the fuel pump - but I put a little Vaseline on the gasket that is between the fuel pump and the block. In a Jay Leno video, gasket stuff is used when assembling the pump.

              The arm should be pressed down when installing the diaphragm.