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  • Front Axle / Front Suspension: upper A arm mount

    back in 1968 I had a 56 commander..left front wheel collapsed under me..upper aA arm mount holes broke out...pulled a 57 champion out of a field, tore it down to the bare frame, found same problem on L side, had been welded up..right side completely blown out and no repair..seems to be a common problem??metal looks good, maybe bad process of replacing front stub with mustang 2 stuff..anyone ever run across this?

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    When I tore down my LA built '56 President sedan, the frame metal around the mounting holes were also cracked, but not broken out. I welded them up & time will tell how long it lasts.
    Mike Sal


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      Had same problem with a 55 president in 1968,repaired it twice and got rid of it,was on rt.side. The car had 25000 miles and was in good shape wish I had it now.


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        It is fairly common with V8 Studes, especially 56Js. I have seen half dozen with cracks in that area, and a few were ripped out. A Tech Bulletin for a field fix was put out in 1958, to graft a reinforcement plate on the outside of the frame. Later, beginning in 1962, that plate was factory installed, inside the frame, along with a heavier gauge frame.

        I believe severe service on secondary roads, i.e. "washboard" bumps on gravel roads contributed to the problem. Thankfully, roads are maintained a little better today.