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Remove Avanti Tach Sending Unit

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: Remove Avanti Tach Sending Unit

    It is there; I can feel it. The round can is mounted on top of the metal brace that is behind the dash board and goes from the left side to the right side. The two 10/32 screws were installed from the top side. My question is how much of the Avanti dash board has to be removed to gain access too the screws and what kind of head do the screws have. Hex, Philips or slotted or?
    I just thought is the brace removable without removing the dash board.
    I know I can drop the dash board; I just don't want to do it and take a chance of damaging the covering.
    So far I have removed the emergency brake bracket and dropped the steering column. I can feel the heads but am unable to tell what they are. Yes the battery is disconnected.
    No; I am not doing this for fun; the other day the tach went to 0 and stayed there. While I am in there I will replace all the bulbs. Studebaker had a great idea with their truck; with the back of the instrument panel accessible from under the hood. Too bad they did not continue it on all their cars.

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    I found the easiest way to work behind the dash is to remove the tach itself first. It allows you to reach most everything in the cockpit area to a point. Just undo the bracket and pull it through the dash.


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      Also "may" need to pull the speedometer, makes it a lot easier to get to the 2 small self taping screws that probably have NOT been out since the early 60's! <G>
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        A couple of times in the last month or so, the tach on my Avanti hasn't moved past 1000 when I'm going about 70 mph on the freeway.

        I'm concerned that I'll have to make some kind of repair at some point.

        Any pictures you can post and shared wisdom from your repair would be greatly appreciated.

        -- Scott
        64 Avanti R1 R5529