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Swapping 3 on the tree for a stock automatic in a wagonaire

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  • Transmission: Swapping 3 on the tree for a stock automatic in a wagonaire

    Can anyone share any ideas or problems with this plan? I'm taking the stock three speed out and replacing it with an automatic trans of the same year on a
    '63 Wagonaire. I'd like a floor shifter in it as well. Any advice on that?
    Thanks for your answers.
    Jim Ober

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    Hi Jim, Do you have a parts car doner?
    Just thinking the pedal bracket under the dashboard is different. I guess you could use the manual type by removing the clutch pedal. The automatic has a larger brake pedal with a different pedal hanger bracket.
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      The pedal bracket should be the same, but you would need the actual pedal from an automatic equipped car.

      The easiest and cleanest way to get a floor shift is to find a '63 or '64 Lark with the Powershift transmission - these had the factory floor shifts. A regular Studebaker flight-o-matic trans could also be used, but not sure you would find an aftermarket shift that would work with the unique Flight-o-matic shift quadrant.

      Be aware that when swapping to an automatic, the bolts in the end of the crankshaft will need to be changed, which necessitates pulling the oil pan and the rear main bearing cap off. Also, since you will have to use a different bellhousing, you will need to dial-indicate the bellhousing in (ie, use a dial indicator to get the bellhousing properly positioned on the block in relation to the crankshaft centerline) and then ream the two dowel pin holes for larger dowel pins. The process to dial indicate the bellhousing in is covered in the Shop Manual. Be forewarned that all of this is not real easy to do with the engine still in the car - even on a lift. (Been there, done that with a lift, wouldn't do it again - I'd pull the engine out. Others I'm sure will disagree. )
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        Swap the whole drivetrain from a parts car that has the transmission setup you want.


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          In the procees of doing the reverse to my Avanti.

          Since I've built a fresh engine as well, the bolt issue was minor but yes, the flywheel bolts are different, to swap those means the rear main cap has to be removed and to do that means you have to drop the pan.

          As for the pedals, you can just pull the clutch pedal out and make a steel rod to create a pivot for the brake pedal, otherwise source the correct pedal and pivot shaft. Not hard to find. The mount in the dash is the same for either manual or automatic.

          I can't say what you need to source for mounting the floor shifter. You'll probably need to change out the steering column as you'll want to get rid of the column shifter.