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Removing windshield and rear glass

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  • Body: Removing windshield and rear glass

    I know it is easier to cut the rubber and push out the glass. Where is the best place along the rubber to cut? Above the middle? Below? Middle?
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    Cut off the inner lip that holds the glass to the body flange all the way around.
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      If the car has been in the heat of Arizona, you may be able to just slide a narrow paint scraper between the glass & rubber on the outside and break off the lip of rubber without having to cut it at all. I did this to one of the chuck Naugel cars a couple months ago. If the rubber still isn't that brittle, I always cut them from inside the car about a 1/4 inch from the glass should get you close to the metal flange & allow the glass and rubber to come out together.
      Mike Sal


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        That scraper thing sounds kind of scary to me. The edge of the glass is a very vulnerable place to start a crack with little pressure. But, I'm glad it worked for you.

        To the O.P., not sure what your reasons for removal are but if the glass will be out of the car for any extended period I'd leave the rubber on the glass until you are ready to replace and reinstall. It helps to protect the glass.
        BTW,I see the mention of a '62 544 in your signature. I had one and loved the car. My only issue was it was a 'last year, '65 leftover' that was sold as a '66 model. In Calif. at that time you had to smog check any car that was newer than '65. It was probably the oldest looking car that ever had to be smog checked!
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          I removed the rear glass from my 54 sedan and started with a small screw driver along the top inside and gently flipped the rubber over the metal flange. I continued this along the top portion and part way down the sides, then gently pushed with both hands along the top area of the glass and it came out with ease. I didn't have to deal with the bottom half as it comes out by itself, there was no cutting or cussing, it was very simple.
          To install, I set the top half in and worked the rubber over the flange with a homemade tool, it was a hook over the flange and as I pulled the hook along it flipped the rubber back over the flange until it was all in took about 30 minutes.