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brakes & bumpers 1955 E7 truck

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  • Brakes: brakes & bumpers 1955 E7 truck

    i would like to know if what i found in truck parts catalog for my 1955 E7 pickup is right:
    First my vin#E73282 so according to the manual brakes are Bendix (self-energizing type) and front wheel cylinders brakes are 1 inch ? and rear wheel cylinders are is 7/8".Parts numbers front are 684606 right,684607 left,parts numbers Rear is 684608 R&L.
    Also does anyone can tell me the dimensions and shape of rear bumper for same pickup and if anyone has one for sale.Thanks

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    FWIW, the OEM Stude truck rear bumpers were not a commonly ordered option, thus when found are likely to be very expensive and likely to need major work to straighten them.

    The good news is the first generation Ford Bronco front/rear bumpers are being reproduced in China, thus cost less than $100 brand new and no one can tell the difference. They're even available chromed, if desired. It is necessary to fabricate the bracketry, but that's just basic Wheelbarrow Johnny blacksmithing.

    jack vines


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      Agree with your reading of the parts book regarding WC part numbers. Stude's repeated changes of truck brake parts in the early 1950s is/was very confusing.

      Agree with Jack on the rear truck bumpers. They do come up now and then on ebay, sometimes with a whole truck still attached. If you do find one without the brackets, one of the posters on the Stude truck forum may be able to help. I loaned a set to some folks in Calif, and they ran off some duplicates.
      Skip Lackie


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        Thank you Skip Lackie and PackardV8 for your comments.Now i know why i had so many searches in junkyards with no success.Alain