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Reclocking Carter super pump

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  • Fuel System: Reclocking Carter super pump

    I'm working on a 63 Avanti, old pump had a leak in the casting. I purchased a Carter super pump from one of our vendors, however the in and out ports are in different locations. The old pump has fittings at the 9 and 6 locations the new one at the 7 and 5 location. The question is can I unscrew the lower section and clock it the same as the old one. If I can do I turn the the the lower gasket at the same time? Thanks for your Help. Lou Cote

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    When you purchased this pump "from one of our vendors" I assume you mentioned it was for a '63 Avanti. Therefore, I suggest asking the vendor to explain the difference. That said, if the pump looks like the one on page 34 of the Avanti Parts Catalog you can unscrew the 6 screws holding the middle and upper sections and turn it anyway you please. What looks like a gasket is actually the diaphragm. The middle and lower section cannot be reindexed.


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      This is the modified Chrysler pump SI part # car001A. On further investigation underneath the packing paper is a sheet that states how to reclock the pump. Now all I have to do is remove the pump, reclock and install again. thank You Lou Cote


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        You also need a bushing to reduce the output port to the size of the Stude pump, if you want to use the original fittings.
        Why didn't they clock the pump correctly to begin with? They had to take it apart to heat and bend the operating arm. They did bend the arm didn't they?
        Mike M


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          For the input I used a barbed 3/8 fitting, Avanti fuel line from tank is 3/8. I used a bushing in the output to fit the adapter (a 3 way) with output to carb and a restricted fitting for the return line. I don't know why they didn't clock it correctly. This pump had the arm modified by cut and rewelding the arm. Lou Cote