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1990s Vintage Turner Disc Brake Components

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    Wow, dunno how I wound up looking at Ford Ranger calipers, when Jim plainly said S-10 in post #4 above. Guess that shows how out of touch I am with brand 'X' stuff, since I don't even know the difference between a Ford Ranger and a Chevy S-10. At any rate, sure glad I eventually comprehended 'GM' in post #9 above. This eve, I also looked at the calipers on the car, and am convinced they are same as internet pix of the GM calipers, and not FoMoCo. Glad I got that straightened out in my noggin before ordering parts.

    So I am now gonna order from Summitt: 69 Mustang rotors (PRT1019), and EBC Green Stuff, 2000 series pads (DP21146) for 1982-93, RWD, Chevy S-10.

    Still gonna need to address the clearance issue, but will probably just weld something onto the steer-stops, near the steering arms.

    Xcalibur, not complaining about the 1990s vintage Turner brake kit. Not surprised to find out there are a few bugs, but all things considered, it musta been, "one giant leap forward for mankind" (at least for Stude drivers) when they first came out
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      Joe, as I recall Wilwood now makes an aluminum caliper that will fit, as well.