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  • Radiator Fan '59 Truck

    I need a radiator fan for my resto project of a '59 deluxe pickup. The engine is a 7E series not original to the truck. It has a 1 inch male connection at the center pulley off the engine, hence I need a fan with a 1 inch diameter center whole. (Am I making any sense here?) In my limited search at parts house like Pep Boys all the replacement fans come with a 5/8" center whole. Pep boys suggested I just buy an after market electric fan and attach to the radiator. I'm not opposed to doing that, but I'm afraid clearance won't allow me to mount it inside the radiator next to the block and if I have to mount it outside it will be visible thru the grill work. (Hey, I'm not a techie when it comes to the mechanical stuff...its the body work and the finish work I have some limited expertise in.)

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    The vast majority of Studebaker fans from the '50s that I've seen have 1" holes in them.

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      Why don't you take it to your friendly neighborhood machinist and have him bore a the hole to the size required? I have done this in the past in my shop. Neal


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        John, I'm sure I have one here. By 7E, you mean that's the first two digits of the engine serial#? I just wanna make sure that we're talking a V8 engine and not a 6cylinder from a 7E series truck.[^]

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