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1983 Avanti Wiring Woes

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  • Electrical: 1983 Avanti Wiring Woes

    Due to Alarm system and computer issues, decided to eliminate them both. Everything is fine except for these three items.

    Power Locks - switch under the dash has three connections, white, black and red. No unused terminals. Page 8A of the Avanti Electrical Circuits Block Diagram from Bob Johnsons website indicates three wires but blue, red black.

    A/C control - referencing page 13, we cannot get the AC clutch to engage, suspect looking for a signal from non-existent ECU.

    Does anyone have accurate drawings for a 1982/83 specifically for locks and AC? I have gone to AutoZone and got drawings for a 1983 Camaro, and they help a little but wire colours are wrong.