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need help identifying engine

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  • Engine: need help identifying engine

    Here is the stamped engine number for a supposed '53 2r pickup engine i received.



    it doesn't seem to match any on this list...
    nor here...

    Any ideas ?

    Stamped block number
    Click image for larger version

Name:	studeengine.jpg
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    and head number
    Click image for larger version

Name:	studehead.jpg
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    Studebaker used the letter "I" for the numeral "1".

    How about some pictures of the entire engine, particularly from the intake manifold side?
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        That is a 1958 185 c.i. from a car. The 'I' is actually a '1'.
        Pic 1 is the stamped engine number at top left front of block.
        Pic 2 is the casting number on the cylinder head.
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          Yup, from picture 2, you can see the spark plug. so that pegs it as a flat-head 6. So my guess is that Dwain is right.