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Cleaning Rocker Arm Shaft Bores

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    Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
    If you think all that "Muck" is going to come out of the tiny rocker arm Oiling holes, you are kidding yourself.
    With the four head bolts out the holes a quite substantial to remove crud. I agree the tiny holes may not be adequate alone.


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      Have to say, looked hard (and eventually reference from this forum) for a engine machinist/rebuilder (I WANTED to rebuild myself, but needed a machinist for boring, etc..).
      Found someone an hour and a half OUTSIDE of Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area (has to be some here, but no one gave me a reference).... and the guy and his three buddies build race cars. Each different roles; one bores and cooks, one does cranks, one cams, etc... Every tolerance I checked, perfect, beautiful work. And those plugs were NEVER REMOVED. And though mine after 'professional' double run-through of cooking out, were a lot cleaner than your photos, I still got stuff out of there.
      You'd think people that build race car engines would be as anal about that as the rest, but apparently not as Stude-experienced as advertised? (did the Big 3 have those plugs on their rocker shafts too? Or another Stude oddity?)


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        In the case of other engines most fed oil to rockers through hollow push rods and hydraulic lifters. the shaft was a fulcrum only. ford "Y" block was similar to stude and "FE" series also. i am wondering about those people having bearing problems now, were those shafts scoured inside and out?It's got me wondering! Luck Doofus


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          Clean is clean.
          Excuses are excuses.
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            So did you?


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              Long story, for another thread, but you could say I am deep into 352 rocker assemblies at the moment, particularly the shafts. Last night I inspected ten shafts and they all had debris inside. Two were so plugged there was no way oil was getting through the oil holes, and I'd guess thay had been ran on non-detergent oil, which was a big no-no for hydraulic lifters, even back in the 1950s. The others just had debris that tended to gather in the lower end, and some were worse than others. I'd guess the worse ones were left side, where the oil runs front to rear, downhill, and so debris would be more likely to collect in the rear/lower end.