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I need help..........2 barrel Stromberg Carburator, and brake question.

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    Thank you greyben.


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      Thanks Bezhawk.

      I am gonna call Bennett Oil, a local gasoline distributor, and see if they can offer me some straight gas, it's worth a try.
      I admire you guys that can take an old car or truck and turn it into an individual art form with modern functioning, you guys, and I mean all of you are why the U.S.A. is like no other country on Earth.
      I will use your motor oil suggestion as most the year it is 60 degrees or more. I was a fool to buy this old rusty truck but I just wanted to see it run and drive again. I've accomplished that but I am probably close to 2 grand into it over what it's worth, but darn it, it has been so rewarding to me on the inside. My wife wanted to drive it to work the other day, and I would not let her, but I did agree we will go to Pioneer Park's big flat level parking lot on a quiet day and let her drive the Champ. If there is any woman alive that can drive this truck it'll be Kathy, but I do think she'll change her mind about driving it into the our town's regular traffic stream, with all the hills here. Letting out that clutch on a hill it a little bit scary because everyone want to get so darn close to the back of the truck. Thank you all who've educated me, you're all kind and dedicated auto people who care about our past. I have let many classic cars and trucks slip away dirt cheap when I was 17 to 30 years old, and if I ever get another really classic it will be a keeper. You all may think I am nuts, but the thought of buying a nice running Crosley 1/4 ton (?) truck really appeals to me, Kathy could drive the heck out of one of them and have a blast, me too. So, we'll see. Merry Christmas everybody.


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        Here is an unsolicited recommendation for your truck to help prevent vapor lock as noted above. I used this product on my '55 President and my '61 Champ and have not had a problem with vapor lock since. And it is easy to use.
        Ed Sallia
        Dundee, OR

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          Originally posted by Commander Eddie View Post
          Here is an unsolicited recommendation for your truck to help prevent vapor lock as noted above. I used this product on my '55 President and my '61 Champ and have not had a problem with vapor lock since. And it is easy to use.

          Holy Smokes........if you bought that stuff, no one can ever accuse you of being a CASO.

          I found some white split plastic wire conduit at a swap meet, and that sure helps to keep heat off my fuel lines.


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            The Maverick gas station that sells O ethanol gas is at 650 Whipple St, Prescott. I ran a tank in my 93 Ranger & noticed a definite increase in mileage.
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              Originally posted by rle1875 View Post
              Thank you Jack. I am going to live with it as it is. I bought it to make it run again, and I'll go with it's original equipment now.
              I just needed a break in period for myself, it is like you said an old technology, and I've accepted it for that. My wife and I are going to breakfast in it in a day, then off to a big level lot with no cars in it so she can learn to drive it too. She's been asking me to let her drive, and she never complained when I spent all that money on it so it'll be fun for both of us. I also talked her into panning for gold with me on Lynx Creek in the unassigned areas that are open to all, got panning stuff bought on ebay and on the way. Neither of us have done it before, so it should be fun, and a good day out. If I can figure out how, I'll post a picture of the Champ on here, rust and all. I think she'll last at least ten years here in Arizona where it's mostly dry, and not much humidity at our elevation. This old Champ sure seems to run without getting hot for which I am very happy. The speedometer won't work so please, any advice is welcome. Thank you sir.
              Lynx creek. I paned for gold there in the "80. Not seriously. Did not find much, but had fun. Also took the night cruise on Lynx lake on a pontoon boat. Then got on the Gold Wing and rode back to Tempe. Great memory's.


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                rle875, thanks for the great post, I'm a "newbie" to Studebakers myself and always bugging these guys with questions they've answered before, and they still always politely answer and get me on to my next "stuck" point. I admire your grit, and envy your wife's interest!!! Mine talked me into BUYING my Golden Hawk project car, but has no interest in working on in (we've yet to see about driving it; when her lead foot meets the supercharger, she may gain new interest?! ;-) Anyway, hats off to you for your determination, and the reminder to all of us why this is just the best hobby, doesn't have to be a show car, just has to be FUN for you! Your "two grand" could have been sunk in a fishing trip to Alaska or a bad trip to Vegas, and then what do you have to show for it? Now you've got a DRIVABLE PIECE OF HISTORY, and something you can continue tinkering and improving (and having fun with your wife!). Made my day reading it! Happy Holidays to you! Too bad you won't get the snow and cold we'll have for Christmas here in Minnesota! (hmm, maybe you don't envy me there!?). Happy driving!!!!!


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                  Try this site to find ethanol free gas.

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                    Instead of putting a restriction in the return line one can just purchase an inline fuel filter with a fuel return port.
                    If you car is ugly then it better be fast.....

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                      Originally posted by studebakerkid View Post
                      Instead of putting a restriction in the return line one can just purchase an inline fuel filter with a fuel return port.
                      True, but for some reason I have not yet figured out, that filter's bypass valve begins to lose its release pressure in a few months. When that happens, it drops the pressure coming into the carb, and fuel starvation begins to occur. I use that filter, but also install a restrictor in line. For the last one, I used valve from an old Harley carb. Just need something with a .060" to .070" hole in it. A 1/16" drill bit passed through the Harley jet worked just fine. Even with the restrictor installed, it may surprise you how much fuel flow through the return line back to the tank. I connected the return line to the filler neck in the Hawk, about 3" below the cap. Looking at the stream while the car is running, it is comparable to someone urinating. LOL

                      For the carb, it may be easier just to install a manual choke. Universal kits are still available, and that YOU are in control of the choke's operation.
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