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  • Front Axle / Front Suspension: To flip or not to flip

    Hi All-
    I am reconditioning my front suspension right now and have the right hand side out, cleaned up and ready to replace worn parts with new ones.
    On the subject of the Upper Inner Control Arm Shaft, I know that the bolt holes here are off center to facilitate an increase in camber. The car is a 1962 GT that I have recently purchased and I have no idea what its camber condition was before I started but on the basis that it's 55 years old, should I flip the Control Arm shafts to increase the camber whilst I have the opportunity? On another note, the original bolts securing this shaft are suffering from some abuse and a couple are not original, so I'd like to replace these. Are these bolts "speciial" or do I just buy off the shelf class 8 replacements?

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    The only thing "Special" about those Bolts is the Points on the ends to help locate them, those will be hard to find but could but made or just not.

    The chances are that they are already at max Camber, did you note if they were "IN" or "Out"?
    Just put them outboard, if they already are, you sure don't want them Inboard.
    Getting Plus 1/2 to 3/4 Degrees of Camber is usually not hard to do, it's getting the correct CASTER that is very limited.
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      I have a set of the bolts needed NOS. Correct shoulder too. Though not mentioned in the shop manual (??), but according to my Lexis B-I-L mechanic: these should be replaced new whenever front suspension work is done (I've done it numbers of time and re-chased threads and nuts...


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        These are special shoulder bolts that hold the "A" arms to the frame.