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1949 Studebaker 2R6 Inline 6 engine Diagrams

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  • Engine: 1949 Studebaker 2R6 Inline 6 engine Diagrams

    Hey Guys,

    First post here, I was pointed to this resource by some other websites. Said you guys might be the one with the answers...

    I have a matching numbers Engine and truck. (Or at least from the same date range, haven't checked the build sheet yet).
    It doesn't look too rough but it does need to be cleaned up and have all of the pistons/valves pulled. Only 14k original miles as a farm truck. Problem is, in my area people don't want to work on this type of engine and if they do they want 3K +. More than I paid for the truck.

    Do you guys know of any resources for disassembly? Something very detailed. My father was an auto mechanic, so we aren't fish out of water but we don't want to dive into an engine without any reference sheets.

    Any ideas?

    From my knowledge, it is considered a 246 commander inline 6 flathead. In some order...

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    You might be able to shop around and find it a bit cheaper.

    I have one, and have used it many times as a reference for my 49 2R16A farm truck.


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      I don't believe these show the engine broken down do they?

      Technical enough to disassemble and reassemble with correct specs?


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        This is the factory shop manual and the engine section is very detailed. The original book only has specs for the 170 and 226 engines. The 226 was increased to 245 during the model year, so be sure to get a manual that comes with the supplements 1, 2, and 3. Overhaul procedure is the same, but some of the specs are different. Photos in an original are generally much clearer than reprints.
        Manuals are also available in cd version if you'd rather have that.


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          An alternative to Dwain's suggestion would be to use the 3R series book. The 2R and 3R 246 cu in engines are virtually identical.

          Skip Lackie


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            You can contact Studebaker International, They have a down loadable CD with all the truck parts manuals and service manuals. $19. The nice part is if there is a section you want to print and take to the job with you it is as easy as pressing print.