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1950 Champion with Automatic and Hill Holder????

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: 1950 Champion with Automatic and Hill Holder????

    I am trying to figure out why my PO lists the cart as Automatic and also with Hill Holder option. Would this be the "anti-creep" for an automatic or would there really be a Hill Holder option for an automatic? If so, how the heck would you use such a feature? Lastly, how would I be able to tell? Is this an add-on to the transmission or brakes that is visible? Lastly, if it is not referencing the anti-creep, how would I tell if I have anti-creep or if it is even working properly?

    Click image for larger version

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    PO for reference...

    1950 Studebaker Champion 4 Door Sedan

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    I do not see a Box to check for a Anti-Creep so obviously it IS an Anti-Creep on a Automatic Trans. Car.

    Pretty easy, just look for the switch and wire coming from the Trans, to the Anti-Creep Valve in the Brake system. If the Throttle and Brake Pedal switches are still there and properly adjusted when you come to a stop you would NOT need to hold the brake Pedal down as it would not move until the Throttle is touched.

    The Chassis Parts Catalog will SHOW you a good picture of all of the Parts of the complete setup.

    Most of these have been disconnected or removed by now, with many not understanding how to repair, adjust them or buy parts.
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      Thanks StudeRich. I was thinking the same thing. I just need to crawl under and check it all out now. I know if it does have it, it isn't working. lol

      Also trying to clear up any and all information on PO's. They seem to be straight forward until you dig into them. Then they get a little "cryptic".
      1950 Studebaker Champion 4 Door Sedan


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        1950 was the first year Studebaker offered an automatic transmission. The anti-creep or No-rol feature would no doubt be listed as a hill holder on the production order. The unit itself is mounted to the master cylinder, with a wire harness to the transmission as well as a tiny switch mounted on the firewall and activated by contact with the accelerator bellcrank.
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