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Rear Differential Seal Dana 44 TT

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  • Rear Differential Seal Dana 44 TT

    I had noticed lately under my '63 GT, some differntial fluid on the garage floor. My initial suspicion was the rear cover, but upon further inspection, it looks like it may be the front seal. I had to leave out of town on business, so didn't get a chance to look in the shop manual to see how entailed this might be to replace, so I figured in the mean time I'd start asking the forum members any specific things to keep in mind/tips if I have to go this route. Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Sounds like the pinion seal. Fairly easy (once you get the pinion nut off ). Your shop manual has a clear explanation of the process.

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA


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      When the seal goes, it can be a sign of too much play in the pinion bearings due to wear and impending failure. . The seal can't control the oil leakage because of it. Check it out when you replace the seal. Maybe everything will be okay, and you'll get by with just a seal, though. Mark your pinion nut and pinion end with a chisel, so you can retorque to the same spot and you won't alter the bearing preload. Also, do use thread locking compound on the pinion threads. Good luck.

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        thanks, gents, I am hoping it's not wear, but just a 44 year old seal. I'll dig into the manual when I get back. Gives me an excuse to do some other things back under that part of the car.