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Upper Control arm outer mounting for bushing

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  • Front Axle / Front Suspension: Upper Control arm outer mounting for bushing

    While replacing the inner rubber bushings, I noticed that the mounting surfaces for the OUTER threaded bushings where not parallel - The bottom of the surface measured 0.175" wider (splayed out) than at the surface at the top.

    Two questions: will this cause a problem when assembled w/ the threaded bushings torqued to the spec'd 175 ft. lbs.?
    And, What is an acceptable error of being parallel? (The surfaces are parallel from the outer surface to the inner surface within 0.007").

    There is no spec. noted in the Shop Manual.

    Thanking all for your expertise and help,
    Paul TK

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    They should be parallel. Use a "johnson" bar to make it so...
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      I use a Gulf War left over 18 in. adjustable to tweak such things. strange what you find in the desert, Cresent brand and USA made . or use the spreader tool from SI to do the same. Luck Doofus


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        Thanks for the info.

        If I read the above correctly - Just put together and tighten it down to the 175 torque spec. - should close up to the correct spacing and parallelism (My 16" long, 1/2" drive breaker bar should do the job, esp. w/ a bit of pipe length for added leverage).

        Thanks again,
        Paul TK