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1966 Buick front shocks for '63 Hawk

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  • Frame/Springs: 1966 Buick front shocks for '63 Hawk

    Hello, I see a listing for '66 Buick front shocks that will interchange for a '63 Hawk. Anyone know what model Buick they are for? None of those part #s seem to turn up.


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    I believe it is the same shock for the Corvair. I pulled a set of KYB GR-2's with the number 344047 out of U-Pic Part a while (long while) back. I Have yet to install them on my '64 Daytona (and assuming your '63 Hawk is similar) but at first impression they appear to fit. I recall there was some discussion about oversized washers on the lower mount as it is slightly small that the original Studebaker shock.

    Update..., interesting I just checked because I have a second set and that set is the same model KYB GR-2's but with the part number 343127. The diameter of the shock body is about 3/8" smaller than the first mentioned 344047. Interesting because I know I pulled both off the fronts of Corvair's. The 343127 is the stated Corvair shock. I looked the 343127 up by application (see link below) and got a lot more common models including Avanti. I've also updated the image to show the differences. Basically they are the same in type and length save for the body diameter.

    I looked the similar 344047 up and it seems to have a Dodge D-50 as its primary application. Maybe it is a retro fit upgrade for the Corvair???

    I believe the 1966 Buick is in error. Go back to a 1963 Buick, Riviera and you get the match of the KYB 343127 shock that fits the Corvair also. With a little punching in numbers this can all be found through the Summit Racing site listed below to confirm for yourself. It is interesting that the heavy Riviera and the rear engine Corvair use the same shock. Note that KYB also offers a KG4550 shock for the same applications.

    Anyway, I hope I'm not creating confusing but perhaps this roundabout means (found on a Corvair, matches a Studebaker..., but wait application is a Dodge D-50) has lead to another shock (and possibly a heavy duty shock, the 344047) that might also be "Stude-able."

    Here is a link to the Summit site:

    343127 (Corvair, Riviera etc.) on the left, 343047 (Dodge D-50 on the right.
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      Just use shocks from a 70-81 Chevrolet Camaro. They are much more recent, and available, and you can get any aftermarket high performance shock. The only difference is the lower cross pin is shorter than Stude. Easliy remedied by a competent mechanic.
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        Was a time we used to buy mid 1960's Cadillac shocks on the rear of swaybar'ed Larks & Hawks.
        Eventually those became a hard to find as the Studebaker item.
        That is the only senior series GM/Studebaker shock application I ever knew of.


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          Have a set of NORS period (hydraulic, not gas) shocks for rear Larks/Hawks (?)...PM


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            Years ago I was under the impression that 63-65 Riviera shocks interchanged with Studebaker front shocks 57-64. I stopped worrying about interchanges when our vendors started carrying them. The ones on my 61 hawk are buick shocks.

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              Would anyone know if adjustable front coil over shocks are available for 64-66 sedans? i see chevy make something similar with the smaller eyelet lower mount that could possibly be modified to fit.