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Hawk hood interchange

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  • Hawk hood interchange

    Does anyone know if the later Hawk (62-64) hoods will fit a 1958
    Silver Hawk? Thanks,


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    63-64 won't
    62 was a one year design. I can't remember why, but it may fit earlier cars

    Bob Johnstone
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      57-61 is an exact fit
      56 and 62 will work (62 will require minor mods to mount the earlier grille) but won't be 100% correct
      63-64 will NOT fit.


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      55 Commander Starlight


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        Ok thanks for the input, helps me NOT to spend mnoney
        on something that won't work. I'll continue my search
        for a good hood.


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          Did you see those 2 Hawks on e-Bay about a month ago that were in Lexington? One had lost its hood in flight, but I recall the other one was good. The cars sold, but I do not know where they went.


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            I had a 62 Hawk parts car it had an early grill in its hood. i dont know if it had been wrecked and had an earlier hood put on sometime in its life. but have always wondered, is there anyway to tell?

            Erin Hays
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              i have similar questions...

              1. will the 61 hood fit on a 62?
              2. will a 62 grill fit on a 61 hood?
              3. will the older late 50's hawk side grills fit on a GT hawk (or are there any differences between the 62 sides and the older hawk side grills)?

              thanks in advance.

              --george (hoping to have a 62 gt hawk someday!)


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                George, Nate told you all you need to know about hoods, '61 & '62 interchange, but need grille bolt holes relocated.

                As you can see from any pic of the side grilles, the surrounds are the same, but you have to cut the mushroomed headed studs off the back of them that hold the pan inserts, and drill and tap for tiny little screws to re-install the '62 pans with the "dip" for the rectangular parking lights into the early assemblies.

                Otherwise you would have holes for the small grilles, and dips & holes for round parking lights showing, if using '58-'61 units. Only '56-'57 are smooth because they have fender-top parking lights.

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                  Thank you

                  I'm just trying to figure what's what in case I find something in pieces or bent/broken. I haven't even started serious searching yet. I thought the side grilles were the same, but you know what they say about assuming. And I didn't have ANY idea about the pans. It also clarifies that since I like the 62 front end better than the 63/64, it would require more parts to get a 62 look on a 64. Since 62 has the look I like, that narrows my criteria. The only thing I like better about the 63/64 is the red-white-blue badges.

                  Remember, some of us haven't been doing this for 40 years



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                    Hope this Part Book images helps.







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