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Sloppy Valves, how much is to much

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  • Engine: Sloppy Valves, how much is to much

    My 40's champion has some valve and lifter wear.

    Part 1: Exhaust valves mic out .001 lower than spec, and intake are at the low end of spec. You can move them slightly back and forth. I have no idea how worn the guides are!
    Part 2: Lifters also have slight back and forth movement, so there is wear here as well.

    I am not interested in dumping a bag of money on this, I do have to replace one babbitted connecting rod and maybe oil pump. Does anyone have any experience on what I could get away with? If I got to do a total rebuild then I might as well put a modern engine and tranny in.


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    I would fix it or replace it with another Stude. Six (Newer with insert Bearings).

    If you install the Basic 350 Chev. or similar Power, then you need a stronger Transmission, a stronger Rear Axle, Bigger Brakes, better Suspension, then the Steering, there will be NO End!
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      Stude Rjch is right on the money! replace that rod and overhaul the oil pump and enjoy the car! you can go crazy "Tightening Up" loose tolerance's so don't go there. try a valve in a new guide and be satisfied with that fit. if you need a guide PM me as i have some odd champion guides. guess the CASO is showing!!! Luck Doofus


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        Thanks StudeRich and doofus, I had the Engine shop look at lifer and valve wear they said the same thing, yah there is some noticeable wear but the alternate would be expensive and valve seat grinding would remove the lead deposts that are currently protecting the seats. ie future burnt valve and seat damage! Turn the crank and replace the connection rods/bearings, leave the valves and guides as is.

        So I am back to my original dilemma, I can't find a set of .010 babbit rods at a reasonable price! If I change the rods to the replaceable bearing type, I would also need a crank that fits a 170cid?