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Electric fuel/ do you need to adjust float level

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  • Fuel System: Electric fuel/ do you need to adjust float level

    55 president /carter carb /small one 500 cfm. Do i need to adjust float level when i install electric fuel pump? """"Thanks 14×7

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    You may run into some problems finding an electric pump if your 55 is still 6V. If its been converted to 12V, just use one such as this. Do not need a regulator either, with the PSI and flow rating of this pump. Can also locate it forward, on top of the shroud, just in front of the radiator, but be sure to sit it on rubber stantions:


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      there are some 6 volt electric fuel pumps on Ebay for around $40. i know nothing about them but may try one out with a toggle switch, extra filter and rollover protection to get fuel up to the carb when the '51 sits more than a few days.
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        The float should act the same as with the mechanical pump, as long as the output pressure is the same. If the pressure is too high it will overcome the needle and seat and flood out. None of that has anything to do with the level of the float. Some of the electrics are adjustable for pressure. Most I looked at are around six lbs.
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          As has been...sorta said...not normally will the floats require adjustment.

          IF, the pressure is held to a usable pressure. That carburetor (if in good condition) should hold 4 to 5 PSI with no problem. Anything more will raise the float level a small amount before causing a needle/seat leakage.

          Lowering the float will cause the engine to run slightly leaner than when using OEM setting, the reverse is true with a high float setting.

          If the carburetor leaks fuel out of the boosters during idle, the pump pressure is too high and MUST be lowered. Lowering the floats will not fix that problem. A regulator should be purchased to verify the actual pressure.