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    Mechanical pump in my 56J still functions quite well, even if I mistreat it by a few months at a time of staying idle. But electric pumps do facilitate starting. And current brews of gas (at least here in CA) seem to vapor lock easily. Speedster has an electric pump. I got over the bit of noise long ago. No different than my brother's old Austin-Healey back in 1960.

    When a fuel pump issue arose recently with the Packard Hawk, I was informed by Dave Thiebault that an electric pump would be a poor choice for that supercharged application. Fuel pressure adequate to deliver adequate gas when the carb is pressurized would tend to flood the Stromberg at other times. But my other Studes will be gradually making the change to electric, as needed.
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      Airtex makes a 6V electric fuel pump E8902, it puts out 2.5-4.5 psi. Not more than a mechanical fuel pump.
      E8016S is the 12V pump.
      The 6V will work with Positive ground.