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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Gear Position

    I'm getting ready to put the 3 speed OD tranny back in my 63 Champ. How do I tell what gear it is in and the OD is off without attaching the shifter? It was in neutral when I pulled it and I think it should be in 3rd with OD off when I reinstall it.

    I appreciate any help!

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    It really makes no difference but if you move the O.D. Lever FORWARD all the way, O.D. will be locked out so that you can turn the Yoke if you need to slightly realign the splines on the input shaft.

    Of course you will need it to be in Gear to allow it to turn, any gear would work but I would use High.
    None of this is critical, it just makes it easier to get that 1/4 Inch of rotation needed IF you miss the clutch hub spline alignment when you push the Trans. in.
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