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  • Engine: Draft Tube

    Has anyone ditched their draft tube for a closed PCV system? If so how did you do it. I have a 259 engine. Thanks for any input

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    I replaced the valley pan and road draft tube with the valley pan and pcv from a '64; ran a hose from pcv to carb base.


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      You would need the rather hard to find little "Adapter" from a '62-'63 with Factory PCV.

      It looks just like the part of your Draft Tube that goes into your Lifter Cover but with a smaller tube coming out that excepts a 3/8 Inch PCV Hose to the PCV Valve and to the rear of a Stromberg 2 Brl. Carter 4 Brl. or the Front of a Edelbrock AFB Clone.

      It should be easy to make the adapter from your Draft Tube.
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        I would not consider converting to a PVC system. They were first introduced for enclosed and slow moving units out of necessity. They don't make the engine run any better, also I am not a proponent of introducing unburnt crankcase gasses back into the engine. They became a standard requirement in California and many other states only because the visible smoke from the tube was not acceptable. The same product still came out the exhaust pipe in a different state/form. They require considerable more maintenance than a draft tube and if over looked can cause serious damage your engine. An improperly maintained PCV can cause excessive crankcase pressure, carbon build up, severe oil leakage and general poor running. That is my rant.


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          I have Been owing and driving Calif. required PCV equipped Studes. since 1961, and never had any issues with them.

          Quite frankly, I never really appreciated them much until I moved up here in the "Wet" Northwest, and realized how much these eliminate acid and rust forming moisture from the crankcase.
          Second Generation Stude Driver,
          Proud '54 Starliner Owner
          SDC Member Since 1967


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            why removed the road draft tube? It helps the Stude mark its territory, and keeps the underside rust free......


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              I'm with Rich, as long as the PCV system is operating properly there should be no problems. And if there isn't excessive blow by, the PCV will keep a small amount air circulating through the interior of the engine extracting moisture and blow by gasses which will keep the inside of the engine cleaner. I've used them on my Studebakers since the 70's with good results. Bud


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                I have some extra pcv parts. Let me know if interested.
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                  Be aware that there are two types of PCV systems. Open and closed.
                  A pretty good read here:

                  HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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                    "I would not consider converting to a PVC system. "
                    Pretty sure this is a gag post. Positive ventilation is vastly superior and a benefit to engine longevity..
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