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1936 Studebaker banjo wheel

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  • Steering: 1936 Studebaker banjo wheel

    My father-in-law gave me this steering wheel yesterday, I'd like to get the horn button off so I can actually get it off of the shaft and then make some sort of mounting so I cam mount it on the wall, if the shaft was the same as my 53 Star Light Coupe I'd use it there.
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    Welcome! Somebody out there with a 36 would probably give their left nut for a wheel that nice. The center cap is held on by rubber blocks in the horn switch. To get it off push in a very little bit then turn the cap whichever way it will move. It only turns less than an inch then it should pop loose. Lots of pictures of how this works:

    The most likely problem you will have is the rubber blocks just crumbling. Shrock Bros had reproduction blocks for my car, they are probably the same for yours or at least close enough to make it work.



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      I didn't think it would take long to get a good answer I suspected it would be easy to do, I just didn't want to take any unnecessary chances. I may try to get some silicone spray in the "innards" to ease disassembly. I have lusted after that wheel for several years, my father in law Max liked it too, it was sitting in a field, the car had broken down and left on a relatives farm (I need to see if it is still there), Max asked about it and the owner said "take it". If I hadn't bought a Studebaker I never would have gotten it THANKS


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        wow I think i would take a look at that car...... maybe a fixer.


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          You are very welcome. It is actually good news that it came off a car. Someone had to take that button off to unbolt the wheel. So you know it came off and went on again at least once in the last 80 years...


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            Click image for larger version

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ID:	1715972Hello everyone. Sorry to post here, but I have a steering wheel issue as well and I could not figure out how to post my own thread. I have a 1942 Commander and am having a helluva time trying to get the steering wheel off. I am down through three layers, all with the same bolt size, but the puller I got from Stude can't work on this one. First there are no holes to latch onto, second I don't know where the large bolt you would have to screw could attach. I tried with my big socket, 1 and 5/16 inch, but nothing doing. How can I get this off? It is counterclockwise yes? Why does this bolt have zigzag cuts on the inner part? There is a second bolt under that as you can see and not sure about that one either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, JP


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              Jp111: i'd spray the heck out of it with some PB Blaster. wait maybe overnight, then put a open end wrench on the inner nut to hold in place, then use a socket to loosen the outer nut. it should be counterclockwise to loosen.
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