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Fuel pump question 1964 GT Hawk

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  • Fuel System: Fuel pump question 1964 GT Hawk

    Can someone please tell Me if the original Carter fuel pump for the 1964 Gran Turismo hawks (Non Turbo) 1) had the Fuel filter joined as One piece? 2) What is the correct part# please and 3) where do I locate the part #'s? Thank you in advance!
    Patrick Sammon

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    Studebaker part numbers for a 64 Hawk can be found in the 59-64 chassis parts book, available in both paper and CD form from a number of parts vendors.

    I don't have a 64 Hawk, but I believe the fuel pump depends on whether you have an R1 engine. If you do, the part number is 1557213.
    Skip Lackie


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      I dont have the R1 engine! Can Anyone else help? Standard 289 1864 What is the part # for the original Factory Fuel Pump for 1964 GT Hawk fuel pump?
      Patrick Sammon


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        Call SI or Fairborn Studebaker
        Dan White
        64 R1 GT
        64 R2 GT
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          The parts book lists 1551168 before engine # PM326 and 1562992 after. Either should work. Older pumps should work as well.
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            In answer to the original question re "Fuel filter joined as One piece", original 1964 v-8 fuel pumps (at least the one on my '64 Cruiser) did/do have a (perhaps 1.5 inch diameter x 1 inch tall, pleated) paper filter element inside the sheet metal bowl on the bottom of the pump.
            30+ years ago, when my car would not pull & was cutting out above about 40 mph, the cause was that filter being clogged. No part #, but it was a WIX item.


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              Thank You Sir! I appreciate Your time.
              Patrick Sammon