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What Speedo Pinion Do I Need

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    Everything Rich said. You are very limited just changing the pinion, and may need to have the gear that's pressed on the tranny main shaft changed. WAY to much work. If you can locate a speedometer service center in your area, some of them have the ability to make an adapter...a small box with appropriate gears and cable ends on correct the error. Have had it done several ($35.) and I didn't have to do it! Hope this helps.

    Dan Miller
    Atlanta, GA

    Road Racers turn left AND right.

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  • StudeRich
    Tom; I tried looking up a drive gear for 3.92 to see if I could find any similarity between drive gears on Std. and O.D. vs Auto. so I could guess what pinion would work.
    I got nowhere, all of the drive gears are Trans. specific & for Std.!

    And naturally I ran into the same thing you did, trying to find a correct pinion. The fact is, they never figured anyone would drag race an Automatic I guess! The best all-around gear for direct (Std. or Auto.) as you know is the 3.31 but for more performance the 3.54 is the best. But then for drag racing, only the 4.56 will get you there the quickest. The 3.92 would be one very quick street gear though, just impossible to drive a sustained 60+ ! Maybe with those stupid looking 20 in. wagon wheels!

    I was trying to think of another way, and I remembered how in later years with 4 speeds and all, more ratios were available, however the problem there would be the different tail housing on the '58 & on could not use the same drive gear or pinion as a '56, I don't think. Also 3.92 was no longer used.
    Bottom far I don't see a way, unless there is some custom aftermarket setup for these situations!

    Studebakers Northwest
    Ferndale, WA

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  • 60Lark
    started a topic What Speedo Pinion Do I Need

    What Speedo Pinion Do I Need

    I installed a Dana 44 with 392 gears in my 56 Power Hawk with the FOM tranny. The axle came out of a 57 Commander with overdrive. I am having trouble figuring out what speedo pinion I need. The chassis parts manual does not list a pinion for 392 gears matched up with an automatic tranny. It does list a pinion for the 3.54 and 4.1 with an automatic. Any help would be appreciated [?]

    Studebaker Fever
    60 Lark
    56 Power Hawk
    Phil Hendrickson
    Arnold, Missouri