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Upside Down Fuel Pump

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  • Fuel System: Upside Down Fuel Pump

    Will a Stewart Warner type electric fuel pump operate and pump fuel if installed upside down? The reason I ask is because the "inlet" and "outlet" are opposite to where they need to be...outlet is towards the fuel tank, and inlet is towards the front of the car (carburetor). If installed upside down, they will be in the correct orientation. Otherwise, I'll need to install the pump on the outside of the frame, and rubber hose to the fuel lines which are on the inside/under the frame...
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    Couldn't it just be rotated 180 degrees?


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      Has the car ever run in this condition? If not, that's probably the reason. Is the car positive or negative ground? I don't know the inner workings of those old SW pumps, I suppose it's possible they work "backwards" if installed with reverse polarity???


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        TSENECAL - I tried "clocking it, but it's not feasible. It has a built-in mount, which won't allow installing the entire pump 180 out.

        63 R2 HAWK - It's a new pump and installation.


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          Why not take a piece of flat iron and make a double Z shaped bracket and mount the pump inside the Z. Then bolt the bracket to the inside of the chaise.


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            Hope that's a new wont last long so dont to to much trouble.those style pumps,stutter and rattle a bunch and you wont like the noise. an inline pump mounted correctly will serve you much better. Luck Doofus


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              The pump won't care if you mount it upside down. But you could, of course, mount it on the other side of the car if you wished to have it "upright".
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                If you mount the pump upside down won't it have a tendency to drain all the gas (the gas in the pump housing) back to the tank making the car hard to start?? They are designed to be mounted so that there's always gas in the housing preventing "dry" starts.



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                  I'm pretty sure that style pump should not be mounted upside down. Just use a piece of aluminum channel to mount it and turn it 180 degrees.

                  But I agree with doofus that this pump may not hold up to today's gas.

                  In the 70's and early 80's my Renault R12 GTL went through a lot of those pumps until I finally got rid of that car.

                  I'd buy a modern rotary pump with no rubber parts. Then you can most likely clock the inlet and outlet also.