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Speedometer lubrication

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  • curt
    I used a graphite/liquid mix I bought at Auto Zone . The liquid carrier is a kerosene like fluid.This was for the cable... I cleaned the gears on the spedo and used a white grease, lubraplate(?). I know some have an oil area on the top of the spedo oil that feeds down to the spedo. I use non detergent oil for that. Detergent oil will pick up dust, etc and is more likely to gum up than non detergent oil. Same for electric motors,generators,and starters.

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  • Lothar
    I used a product called speedometer cable lubricant, available at NAPA, etc. The stuff comes in a tube, and it seems to be a combination of kerosene and graphite. It is runny and will stain paint, etc. so be careful with it. It is also apparently fairly flammable. How do I know this? Let's just say an important detail associated with lubing a speedo cable in an old car is to disconnect the battery first, so that the cable sheathing doesn't create a direct short across a couple bare wires. BEWARE! I burned up a speedo cable and almost burned up my car and shop on this "simple" maintenance job.

    1950 Champion
    Holdrege NE

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    If it isn't "gummed up" good old "white lube" works well. IF it's gummed up, you'd need to address that first. Disconnect it from the tranny, remove the gear, pull the cable out of the housing from the top, and flush the housing with mineral spirits and run the cable back down through the housing to push out any uck. Repeat as nessessary. Blow dry with compressed air, and install new lube. Not a major job... mostly just nasty.[xx(] Hope this helps.

    Dan Miller
    Atlanta, GA

    Road Racers turn left AND right.

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  • Mark57
    I use straight SAE 20W oil as recommended in the Shop Manual, seems to work okay so far...

    '57 Transtar

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  • studeclunker
    started a topic Speedometer lubrication

    Speedometer lubrication

    Quite a while ago I asked which lubricant would be best for my speedo cable. One or more of the fellas here recommended whale oil. I've checked with the local clock shop and he won't sell me any quantity at all. His reason has to do with excessive taxes involved.

    Therefore I need to know what is second best for my speedo cable[?]

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    Ron Smith
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