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"L" shaped liner vent window seal installation on '39 commander

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  • Body: "L" shaped liner vent window seal installation on '39 commander

    on the '39 commander, I am trying to replace the "L" shaped liner or vent window seal on the door glass. This is the "felt" seal that goes on the chrome trim on the leading edge of the door glass. It seems many models thru '64 used this type of seal for the vent window where it contacts the door glass when closed...and I hope someone can give me installation pointers as I am having trouble replacing it. The "L" liner (or seal) has one leg shorter than the other and I assume the short leg goes to the channel side and the long leg fits under the rolled edge on the trim. The long leg just seems to be a bit too long and I cannot push it down flush into the corner. If I flip it over and put the long leg on the channel side, then it seems it overhangs the trim and the "bristles" now seem to be on the wrong side. Can anyone that has installed this on their car tell me if they had trouble getting it to lay flat...did the long edge go under the rolled lip without difficulty, and how they did it?
    I posted this same question with pics on the other web is the link...
    thanks all

    update ...I got it to work out...see link above for how I did it.
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