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    In my past experience, they fit just fine like they are. You shouldn't need any spacers. Hope this helps.

    Dan Miller
    Atlanta, GA

    Road Racers turn left AND right.


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      I admit the 185 80 series will look a bit puny. The first mass marketing of radials in US was the Sears Michelin product (approximately 1966?). It was first offered only in 175R15. Being hopelessly impulsive, I immediately had a set of these installed on the black '57 Golden Hawk I was driving at school. Car drove well, speedometer was hopelessly off. Because of this, Sears later "adjusted" the tires and installed 195's when they became available.

      195's have pretty much disappeared from the market. I guess a few companies like Vredestein include the 185 80 in their Classic series because of the wide OEM use of these on 1950's Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar sports coupes and sedans.

      Based on published specs, the 185R15 tires I have on hand are about 0.75 inch smaller in overall diameter than the 205SR75-15 Yokohamas, have same tread width. Vredestein also offers a 205VR70-15 Sprint Classic with significantly wider tread than both (but essentially identical diameter as the 185 80 and sticker shock, about $240 each ).


      quote:Originally posted by Dick Steinkamp

      quote:Originally posted by riversidevw

      Am I pushing my luck using a recently purchased set of Yokohama Avid 205/75SR15's on a '58 President Sedan with original (15 inch, 5 inch width) rims?

      IMHO, no concern at all.

      Those 185 80's will look like space saver spares on any Stude [xx(]

      Gil Zimmerman
      Riverside, CA

      1955 Speedster
      1956 Golden Hawk
      1958 Packard Hawk
      1958 President
      1963 Avanti R2