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Reusing old carb

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  • Reusing old carb

    In rebuilding the 63's OHV six, I'm not planning to reuse the ASB carb that came with it. Instead, I've had good luck with those old WE Carters and it looks like it's a good fit, linkage and all.
    This carb appears clean and not too used after a rebuild. (I don't recall how I came into it's possession.) Anyhoo, since I don't know how long it's been sitting around, should I soak that leather piston in oil overnight before resuing the carb? BTW, I opened the plates and looked through the carb for crud & cobwebs but was clean.
    An air cleaner might be tricky. This is a taller carb. Thanks!

    Western Washington, USA

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    Yeah Tom. I'd take the pump plunger out, work some oil into it, "fluff" it out a bit and let it set out for a day before reinstalling it.

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      Isn't there a synthetic piston seal that could be made to fit? I hate those leather ones. Anyhoodle-- squirt some WD40 in there to check the acc punp.


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        Thanks guys! I'm grateful for the advice and will oil & fluff that baby!