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brake drums for a 1961

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  • brake drums for a 1961

    I have a 1961 studebaker Lark and I need front and back brake drums. I can not find the exact measurement or numbers I need to find them. Can anyone please hlp me.She is my daily driver and pride and joy .

    thank you .

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    Where are you located? V 8 or 6 not sure if it makes a difference more info please.

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      It does make a difference. Six was 10" front 9" rear and v-8 was 11" front and 10" rear except for 63-up cars with disc brakes used 11" drums in the rear.


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        she is a v6 .... do you know where I can look to purchase them and is there numbers or seial numbers


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          I take it that maybe you have a Studebaker in-line, 6 Cylinder overhead valve (OHV) engine in your '61 Lark?

          It would say Lark VI on the front fenders and rear panel, also the serial number on the drivers' door post says: 61S for six cylinder.

          If it has not had a engine or brake change and is still original, it would have as Nate said; 10 inch front and 9 inch rear drums. Be advised that they are getting quite hard to find now. Here are the Studebaker part numbers you can use, I understand that you can now Google these to find Studebaker vendors that list them.

          The FRONT Drum with Hub is Part Number 1542150
          can also use: 1558894
          Without Hub 1542157
          can also use: 1558901

          The REAR Drum with Hub is Part Number 1542152
          can also use: 1558898
          Without Hub 1542158
          can also use: 1558904

          I am sorry, I have none, but their are other vendors on


          quote:Originally posted by larkgirl

          she is a v6 .... do you know where I can look to purchase them and is there numbers or seial numbers
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            Where are you located ? Could you make it to York, PA in MArch to pick them up ? I probably have them....


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              thank you thank you thank you

              I will have a much easier search with the proper info.



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                SURELY, one of our Studebaker parts vendors would have these. If you start looking to just any old car parts place, likely you're gonna get taken, pricewise.[}]

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