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    I just purchased a 3 window Studebaker resto project & I was told it was between 1930 and 1934. The VIN is 31-Q-3 749. Is there someone who can help me with this VIN so I can determine the true year and model? The front fenders, hood and grill are missig. Is there a good source out there for these pieces?

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    The number you gave us is the body tag and indicates it is 749th(maybe 1931) Q coupe model, trim level 3 BODY, built that year, NOT CAR!

    It is not the serial number or "vin. number! That should be on the front or rear door post.

    I do not know the pre-war Studebakers so not sure if the year was stated on the body tag or coded, as later ones were.

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      Actually, the serial number should be on a plate that's riveted to the outside of the left frame rail - just behind the left front wheel.

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