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Clutch size differences

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  • StudeRich
    Hi Dave, I am 10 miles South of the B.C. border, and I sell the same 8 or 8 1/2in. clutches. The 800367 8in. is not for '61-64 170 engines, that is the difference. That is telling you that the 8 1/2 is interchangable and optional on '39-'60, but required on '61-'64's. The matching size pressure plate of course, MUST be used, and the flywheel turned (re-surfaced). [^]

    What you CANNOT do is use the heavy duty Taxi, Police and Truck 9 1/4 in. clutch, as the flywheel bolt pattern is larger. [:0]

    FYI, the Std. and Overdrive get the same clutch, and Automatics have NO clutch.

    Studebakers Northwest
    Ferndale, WA

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  • Champion51
    started a topic Clutch size differences

    Clutch size differences

    Does anyone know the size of clutch disc and pressure plate I would use in my '51 Champion (3spd Std. with O/D)?

    I've read the applicable parts of the Shop and Chassis manuals with no luck. The manual and vendor's catalogs describe the 8" and the 8 1/2" disc and plate used in 39-60 6cyl. Champions. The 8"X 1" spline is for "standard duty" cars according to Stude Int'l. but no mention as to what the 8 1/2" disc with 1" spline is for. It is either for automatic transmission or for use with standards with overdrive, I would think.

    In summary, with my standard with O/D do I use the 8" or 8 1/2" clutch components? I can't, or don't want to take the thing apart until I have the replacements in hand.

    Thanks for your help.

    Dave D.
    '51 4-dr Champion
    Smithers, B.C.