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    I'm trying to find out if Champs use the C-cab frame. I haven't seen one close up in person, but it looks like the basic frame is the same except for the steering box being mounted forward of the axle on the champ instead of behind the axle like on the C-cab. I need to know if the front brake line holes are in the same location and if the champ frame is punched out for the C-cab steering box mounting. Also, I need to find out if both axles are mounted the same respective to the brake line hole and the steering box holes. I's a lot to ask. Any help with this project would be appreciated.

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    Well, for the 60 thru 62 Champs - they're pretty much the same as the earlier C-cab PU's. But the 8E series (63-64s) used a different steering box and different front springs so accomodations are different for those later type items.
    Champ PU frames also have a little step added to the front motor mount bracket. This is so the engine's a bit repositioned to work with the Lark clip.

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