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  • Fender Slash Apron

    Well, I have the under hood all painted and am ready to install the new slash aprons. I got these from S.I. and they are not like the ones that were on the car. Part # 1331759. These are very thin and seem to just flop around. The old ones were stapled to the fender.
    I can not figure out how these fit where the old ones were.
    Have any of you replaced these?
    Here is a picture of the old ones.

    John Ratliff

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    I replaced the ones on my "former" 62 ragtop. I used some 10-24 button head allen machine screws. about 6 or 8 on each side. Not factory, but worked finr and looks fine.

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      I believe this was addressed in a topic a couple years ago. I can't remember the title and can't find it in "Search"; probably been archived.
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        here is the original thread


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          Ok, photos didn't come through, so thankfully I saved them.......


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            You can see below how we mounted ours on a 1956J, we used SI parts as you have. We cut and bent welding wire as our "original" staples, I believe they are 35mm diameter.

            Hope it helps.......

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              That might be .035 (inches) 35mm is 1 3/8 inches.

              Good idea, non-purists use liquid nails.

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