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1949 Truck Head Light Switch Knob Removal

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  • Electrical: 1949 Truck Head Light Switch Knob Removal

    Hello. I cannot find how to remove this headlight switch knob. How does it come off? Thanks.

    Click image for larger version

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    Some light switches the rod pulls out the front the GM head light switch had a little spring loaded button in the flat part of the switch that you pushed in and then pulled the rod out the front of the dash. Then ther is a slotted collar the unscrews and lets the switch out the back.
    Your knob may have a roll pin or set screw that holds knob on the shaft .When you pull out the switch can you see a slotted collar?


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      i'm fairly sure it's the little rusty "screw" in the 1st pic. idk if it is/was an allen wrench or similar type screw, but a little PB Blaster should loosen it enough to turn it with needle nose pliers. if not, carefully "dremel" across it so a flathead screwdriver can get her out.
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        I've also seen some knobs that have a metal tab that locks the knob to the shaft. You have to get behind the metal tab and push it forward to let the knob slip off the shaft.


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          Loosen the set screw and pull it off. The switch is slotted for the knob. I have a couple extra nos switches if you need one. Click image for larger version

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          I went through the same thing.


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            It is off! Thank you all for your advice. The little thing on the knob looked too thin to be a set screw, but it is, and it came right off. My cab looks like the one in post #5 - same color scheme, same floor covering, except mine has a column shift and a barely recognizable horn button. When I bought the truck the whole thing, inside and out was newly painted, except the gage panel was not done. I now have that panel off and plan to make it match the other tan parts.


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              I went to the local ppg paint Store and they still had the color swatches for my 49 truck so they were able to exact match the original color. If you need the paint code I can get it for you tomorrow.


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                Thank you for your offer of the paint code. I can keep it for possible future reference. The brown that was put onto my truck, which you can see on the ashtray in the photo in post #1, appears to not be near the original color. My blue is bluer than the original color. I had good luck taking my front splash pan to be scanned at a Sherwin-Williams store and bought a quart of paint that very nicely touched up my nicks and scratches. I will do the same with my glove compartment door and hope I can buy a smaller quantity. Thanks again.