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  • Body / Glass: door glass track parts

    Been a couple years...but I am back. 1951 2R5 door tracks have leather washers (274439 & 280821). Are there nylon replacements (or leather replacements)?...or just take an old belt and punch out some washers. What I have left of the leather washers is grooved...should the replacement have grooves cut in? Also found one of the 652954 window balance springs broken...can this spring be ordered or should I hope to find someone with an extra spring for sale. Looked in a SI catalog a couple years old and did not find these items.
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    Those leather washers were flat when new -- the grooves were caused by sliding up and down a zillion times. All they do is prevent rattles, so anything similar should work. SI may have them and the spring -- not able to look at my books at the moment. You can find out if they have them with a phone call or email.
    Skip Lackie


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      SI does have a lot of parts that are not listed in their catalog.
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