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How do I know if the turn signal switch needs replaced?

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  • Electrical: How do I know if the turn signal switch needs replaced?

    My '63 Hawk turn signals do work, but the lever feels very loose and won't click into left/right/middle position, it just kind of flops around. I am thinking it needs a turn signal cancel cam but didn't want to pull the wheel off until I am ready to replace parts. I do see that the signal switch is problematic on these cars. What is the symptom of a faulty switch?

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    There should be a small spring and a metal clip that helps the arm return to the neutral least that how my '59 Hawk signal switch works. Once I had it all taken apart it was pretty simple. If your signals still work then you're in luck because the spring and little metal clip can me adjusted to some degree. But before you do anything else you might remove the steering wheel and make sure that the screw that holds the arm in place is tight. If that screw is loose the arm will flop all over the place.



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      My 62 Hawk GT had the same problem and would not cancel I ordered the cancel lever from Studebaker International and installed. It the screw that secures the lever to the bottom of the switch was sloppy loose when I installed the new cancel lever and reinstalled I had good feel of the on off position.The old cancel lever came off hard I cut it off with a Moto tool.
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        It sounds like you just need to tighten the screw that holds the lever to the switch. Make sure it has a Star Lock Washer on it.
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          My '61 Lark had the exact symptoms that you described. I ordered the cancel actuator, put it in and didn't fix the problem. The fact that you can still move the contacts into both positions to make signals work leads me to think that a loose lever is not the problem. Turns out that heart of the detent mechanism is couple of small pieces of plastic on the switch itself that broke off. After replacing the switch the detent works perfect with a very firm feel to it. Fishing the wires from the new switch through the steering column on the Lark was a horrible experience.


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            Before ordering a switch, pull the steering wheel and take a look. The little screw holding the lever to the switch body may be ready to fall out, and the switch OK. If that's all it is a dab of epoxy in the screw hole, tightening the screw will probably fix it up