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Installing Avanti window regulator

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  • Body / Glass: Installing Avanti window regulator

    I'm installing OEM manual window regulators in an Avanti fiberglass door and need help. Should the bolts (or machine screws?) have special heads to spread out the load? Do slotted holes need different bolt/washers? Are special lock washers needed? Should I use Locktite? On the back side of the reinforced, threaded plates, do I also need nuts? How should the window crank mounting plate be positioned in the (rear) slotted holes? How should the 2 guide track bolts be located in their slotted holes? And finally, how long are the bolts?

    Note: Before installation, I will be re-aligning the vertical glass tracks (with their new felts) and the new (bottom) metal window support.


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    They are hex bolts. There should be large hexagonal shaped lock washers that spread out the load. You can use a flat washer, and a star lock washer. The only slotted holes should be the rear window track, and the short horizontol track. Those are used to adjust the tilt of the glass. Top adjusts the window back up, and down tilts it down. You may have to shim the top of the long rear track between the tab and the inside of the door to center the glass away from the rubber outer sweep when the glass is all the way up. Make sure there is a screw in the outer sweep rubber retainer stainless, or the stainless window frame may grab it as you try to put the window down.
    No speed nuts needed, unless the swedged in nuts re missing on th regulator. Make sure the three bolts into the enter pivot are the correct ones, as the thread is finer. They must be very, very short so they don't protrude past the bracket, and hit the regulator arms that pass very close. You won't need Locktite.
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