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    Can anyone tell me what the key blank number is for the glovebox and trunk on a 1955 Studebaker President State Coupe?


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    An expert will chime in-but these might be correct if they are Yale locks, I don't know how to tell the difference, but they may be Hurd and these won't work.
    Be patient----SI servers are in need of an upgrade may take a long time to open-maybe more than one try.
    Your local key maker may not even have a blank as these locks are long since out of production-
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      Studebaker in that era used Yale locks in the Champion (6cyl) line and Hurd locks in the V8 lines (Commander and President). I am quite certain I have the original keys for my '55 President (4 dr). Upon inspection I was surprised to find the trunk lock key although a Hurd is in fact identical to the Yale key for the same era. If that holds true for your car the source above will work. I believe the key blank number is Y12 which are readily available on ebay at a wide variety of prices. Hurd keys of that era are typically flat on one side while the Yale keys are slotted on each side.

      FYI the original ignition key is a Hurd H4 and it is probably more difficult to find.
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        For my '55 President Deluxe Sedan I purchased the ignition (Hurd) key blank from Studebaker International. The trunk had no key at the time so I took it to a lock smith and he made up a key. That being said the trunk key did not look correct (generic) so I checked with Studebaker International and they have them in stock, my keys now look like they should.

        Hope this helps.
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          Thanks for the response.