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Carter WCFB needle and seat

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  • Fuel System: Carter WCFB needle and seat

    I am rebuilding the WCFB (2214) Carter 4bbl on my 1957 President Classic my original secondary needle seat has a stand pipe on it and a strainer in the housing which acts as a filter and a strainer in the primary needle seat housing. The rebuild kit has conventional needles and seat my primary strainer will still function as intended but this will leave the secondary strainer non functional. My questions are first what have others done with this issue , secondly is it possible this carb has never been rebuilt? I don't see any rebuild kits that have a stand pipe on the secondary strainer. BTW my fuel pump still has a stone filter in it so I think between the pump filter and the strainer I should be OK.

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    One possible clue as to whether it has been rebuilt before...Viton tipped needles started in around 1961. If it still has an all metal needle, it probably has not been kitted before.


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      All metal needle, I was just reading on a website "Mike's carburetor parts" describing my situation saying that the secondary needle is not available anymore and that you now have to reply on the primary screen to strain the fuel for the secondary bowl.


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        If you use a quality in line filter, the strainers are unnecessary, they were only a last ditch effort to keep crud out that got by the fuel filter (if one was even installed). Much like GM's Rochester Quadrajets used a brass filter in the inlet without an inline filter hoping to get by without one. At least in that design, you can replace it without tearing into the carb. If your car starves for fuel, its a lot easier to change an inline filter than take the carb apart to clean a fine screen. Don't worry, clean fuel will not need to be strained.