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  • Electrical: starter

    1951 Champ starter growls like a mad bear and turns a little slow. Been in a recommended electrical shop two times. Same results. what next? Does anybody have a starter that will fit my 51` and do its job??

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    How mechanically inclined are you? I would start by pulling the starter motor and looking at the gear on the end, does it look worn or damaged in any way? My next step would be to disassemble it and see if a bearing or bushing has gone bad. Mine turned out to have a bushing that came loose due to old dry grease causing internal rubbing. After a good cleaning and new grease I have re-assembled it and it works much better. I'm sure someone will know of a shop where you can send the starter to be rebuilt.
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      Warren, in order for people somewhat or very much Local to you to help with any Stude. issues now and in the future you really need to give up your City and State, no one here bites!

      It is not necessary to post your address, phone number or email address, so I don't see a security issue.

      In case issues arise in which Distance matters, EVERYONE here should have their City and State or Section of the Country at least, in their Profile.
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        What size (gauge) battery cables do you have? Yes, they come in different sizes. And no, you won't find the size your '51 needs at AutoZone.
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          From your first sentence I was going to say you have a worn out bushing and the armature is rubbing on the pole shoes.
          But, you said it was at the electrical shop, so I'd think they would have correct that, if that was the problem.
          As mentioned, check the condition of the teeth on the drive and flywheel.


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            Each T,W. lists Stude suppliers: an excellent parts/repair service by (? spelling correct?) Tibeault (he is listed in the "Business Card" section at the end of the magazine). Provides excellent rebuilt and upgraded starters, among many other parts and services.

            Paul TK


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              Growling like the mad bear, indicates the shop looking at your starter is focusing on the electrics only. The bendix starter drive, nose bushing and fit into the bell housing can all cause the mad bear sound. No need to go back to the electric shop-it is spinning and engaging just noisy. Take it out, carefully remove the nose housing, it will be obvious which bolts hold it on. Slide it off and look at the tip of the starter motor going into the bushing for roughness. Look at the drive unit teeth wear pattern, chips gouges etc. Looks bad stick on a new drive. polish the tip going into the nose bushing clean the old bronze bushing, if it looks worn replace it. When you're satisfied it looks like new, put it on your work bench hook up the battery direct and spin it--no growling, its not the motor-check you have the proper starter bolts . The bear will go into hibernation. Good luck and welcome to the forum--wherever you are.