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  • Paint: 64 hawk jack

    Any one know what color the jack handle is suppose to be on a 64 gt hawk. I have two one is black and one is kind of a green with maybe a gray tint.

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    I found and original r-2 for sale with trunk pictures and it's looks as if the black one is the right one.


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      Many different "Post" shapes were used from different suppliers which requires the matching base, but "handles" are very generic.
      I have Never seen an original Jack Part of any kind that was not Black though.

      UPDATE: except of course, the long bare metal shaft.
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        Rich What I have is sliver on the post with the jack it self black, Black base, A black handle and there was also the gray green handle. I plan to sand blast everything, Repaint the post or up right part back sliver. Then clean up the jack itself so it works good and then I will paint it the base and the handle all black along with the mounting parts to the 1/4 panel side wall. That should put everything back to the way the trunk came from the factory.